donutsweeper (donutsweeper) wrote in learn_swedish,

Translation help

I recently came across a Swedish genealogical document that I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out a little more information on.

It's a screencap of a faily legible scanned page of a church book, and I can tell it confirms some information I already had, but I think it provides a lot more but I'm having difficulty reading the handwriting.

The last name before the space, Carl Frederic, is the person I was looking for originally, but when I was looking more carefully I realized that's his whole family and, I think, their birth dates and where they were born. I knew he had an older brother Nils (Nels) Peter and I had an Americanized version of his parents' names, Carl John and Mary Catherine. I can't make out their full names with Swedish spelling or their dates (it looks like Carl's is 15/18 which makes no sense?) or where they are from or the birth date of the sister (it looks like she is Emilia Regina Mathilda?)

Long story short, I was just trying to get translated as much about the Carlson family as possible. (Is the proper spelling actually Carlson? I can't tell.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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